What is it? Where does it come from?

CBD, otherwise known as Cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive component found in CBD-dominant cannabis otherwise known as Hemp. Hemp can contain trace amounts of THC (.3 or less) meaning that you won't feel any kind psychoactive effects or "high" like THC will cause. This opens up the opportunity for calming, relaxing and beneficial effects for cannabis users who would like to avoid the anxious and euphoric sides of THC. 

 How does it work?

CBD regulates and balances main body functions through the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The discovery of the ECS has led to several studies that have shown CBD is beneficial for individuals suffering from epilepsy, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, arthritis, MS, PTSD, alcoholism and more.

 How do I use it?

There are various applications for taking CBD including but not limited to: Vaporization, a sublingual tincture, edible snacks or beverages, and topical creams or salves. If you are wondering which one is best for you send us an email through our website.

 Is it Safe?

According, to Canabidiol (CBD) Pre-Review Report Agenda Item 5.2 a report by the World Health Organization, regarding non-medical use, abuse and dependence they said "At present, there are no case reports of abuse or dependence relating to the use of pure CBD, pg.19 2017" 

And in regards to public health problems related to abuse the report stated "At present no public health problems (e.g. driving under the influence of drugs cases, comorbidities) have been associated with the use of pure CBD, pg.20 2017"


Link- http://www.who.int/medicines/access/controlled-substances/5.2_CBD.pdf


Will I fail a drug test?


 Unfortunately, there is no simple way to know for sure whether or not using CBD oil – or other CBD products – will cause you to fail a drug test.

By all reliable accounts, however, it is rare that even high doses of CBD oil will result in a positive drug screening for THC.



 Click below to find Published Medical Studies!


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 All of our CBD products are legal in all 50 states and derived from Industrial Hemp containing 0% THC.



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