Phyto Family Green Apple Syrup 100 mg

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Enhance your everyday beverages with a burst of cannabinoids and naturally delicious flavor. Can be mixed into Soda, Water (Sparkling or Flat), Tea, Cocktails or any other liquid.

This CBD Syrup formulation has a high concentration of CBG (cannabigerol). It is made with High CBG Cannabis Crumble and Light Agave Nectar. It is full spectrum and has a complement of Natural Cannabis Derived Terpenes. Perfect to pair with your High Terp Dabs & some loud flower.

PhytoFamily’s Full Spectrum CBD Syrups are the perfect thing to bring out to a gathering. Top off everyone’s drink and enjoy the company!

This tincture formulation reduces separation when you pour your drink. The tincture formulation contains less than 0.5% alcohol, less than a kombucha.

  • 100mg or 200mg Full Spectrum Cannabinoids per bottle.
  • Sweetened with 100% pure Agave Nectar
  • Made with High CBG Full Spectrum CBG Wax tincture homogenized with Proprietary Lab Grade Emulsification Technology.

Most people create 1-3 drinks out of a bottle of syrup. The bottle is resealable and is conveniently marked with volume measurements. Shake well before mixing your drink.

Our syrups are a natural product and should be consumed within 1 month of purchase for optimal flavor.

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